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Hello and welcome to my website.

I am Coco Achinger, holistic Health coach and Yoga teacher.

  • And when you are considering how you can live a healthier, more fulfilling - simply happier and happier life;
  • How you can feel more comfortable in your body and life;
  • How you can of course bring your hormones back into balance and find more of the strength that is naturally within you, as a woman ...

Because my mission is to support women to be healthier, more radiant and more fulfilled.

Get to know me

Read here about my story and experiences that were decisive in my life path so that I can live my passion in this way today. Find out why I am passionate about what my focus is in working and training with women, and what training enables me to do it professionally.

Healthy eating

A healthy diet is something very individual. That is why "Holistic Health Coaching" is your very personal and individual path on which I accompany you. Food has a function and we can take advantage of it, not only to be well fed, but also to prevent and heal.

a fulfilling lifestyle

As many areas of our life as there are so many possibilities, for more joy of life. We focus specifically on the areas that have the highest development potential for you. Whether it's work, family, relationship, fitness, ... we can always do something to be even more satisfied.

In harmony with nature

We women are connected to the rhythm of nature, because it influences us through the seasons, how the moon affects our cycle, thus on our hormones and consequently on our (well-being). There is a lot of strength in living consciously in harmony with the moon and the seasons.


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So that your life is now a little healthier, more radiant and more feminine.


You will always find new ones here Inspirations on these topics: Healthy eating & recipes, hormonal balance, feminine health, natural rhythm, body awareness & movement and everything else that belongs to a more fulfilling, feminine lifestyle.

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Valuable self-care tips from the IIN experts

As a graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I am involved in a wonderful network of health experts. I have simply translated this article into a collective knowledge of the community, translated into German for you. Because now we not only have the time for it, but it is very specialContinue reading

Basic diet - the green in the keto-green diet

Why basic nutrition is so good and important if we want to regulate our hormones naturally. As you may have already discovered on this page, I am a big fan of the keto-green diet. Because this diet regulates our (sexual) hormones in a natural way and brings them back into balance. Green meansContinue reading

Keto green smoothie for your hormonal balance

Keto green smoothie for your hormonal balance Now it is time again, Lent has begun and with the beginning of spring it is now also time for me to put a few days of relief for my body. I have to confess, for me it's already a love-hate relationship. BecauseContinue reading

Women's wellness trip Weinheim

You are very welcome to the womens wellness trip This womens wellness trip is a holistic coaching program that takes these aspects into account: being a woman bio-individuality primary food (= what nourishes us in life) secondary food (= what ours Body Nourishes) Health is more than just eating healthy.Continue reading

Women's health program

We are starting our first online Women's Health Program 2020! And it would be nice to have you with you. The goal of this program is: To get to know ways to regulate our hormones naturally. To learn and implement nutrition tips that support our women's health. To understand what is going on in our body every monthContinue reading

Powerfoods for women

When I was told as a little girl: "Coco, you mustn't eat that much ice cream! now it's enough! โ€Orโ€œ Coco, you have to eat the spinach! You mustn't go into the forest beforehandโ€ฆ โ€then it was about the house blessing. At least for the next few minutes. Because there was little againstContinue reading

Time for positive change - manifest practice

A new beginning - time for positive change I love the turn of the year because "there is a magic in every beginning" - as Hermann Hesse so beautifully wrote. Whether we perceive and use this magic is of course entirely up to us. One could also say a little less poetically: Every new beginning harbors themContinue reading

Regulate hormones naturally

Naturally regulating hormones Food for our hormonal balance We women know exactly how influential hormones are on our well-being, as we take a spin on the Ferris wheel of our cycle every month. Unfortunately, for more and more women, this is associated with severe malaise and serious problems. What in theContinue reading

Retreat vacation in Mallorca

Retreat vacation in Mallorca Use your vacation consciously to really relax, refuel and arrive at your home. To do something sustainable for you and your lifestyle, a retreat vacation is the ideal offer. A retreat vacation with us in the southwest of Mallorca does not offer youContinue reading

Hormones in balance - a keto green lifestyle

Hormones in balance - a keto green lifestyle Our hormones are among the BIG players when it comes to our well-being and health. If our hormones are in balance, there is a high probability that we will feel good, dynamic and in our strength. Unfortunately, these (life) important messenger substances remainContinue reading

Women's wellness workshop - monthly, online

The Womens Wellness Workshop The Womens Wellness Workshop is a free live online event for women who want to bring more "wellbeing" into their lives. This workshop is all about our female wellness. A small, substantive insight into the course of this workshop: What do we women need to look afterContinue reading

Our breath and our life force - an exercise for you

We can specifically act on our nervous system through breathing and posture. We can calm down and we can activate ourselves. Very targeted.

In harmony with nature

I am convinced that our everyday life has never been as far from our natural being as it is today. And to believe that this would have no effect on our wellness and our health is something - let's say blue-eyed.

Healthy eating

It is really impressive what we can do with a healthy diet - or more precisely, with healthy food. Because it can do so much more than just fill us up and taste good.

A fulfilling lifestyle

Our lifestyle is something that usually develops so subconsciously. With the result that at some point we notice that ...


What is actually a Health coaching program?
Basically, you are getting professional support at your side for a certain period of time, who will support you in changing your lifestyle step by step so that it is healthier and optimal for you and your needs. Together we develop feasible and motivating steps to change unwanted habits. We will dive into the areas in your life where you are dissatisfied. It becomes a holistic process that brings about profound and lasting change.

Is that something for you?

Just arrange a free one now Health history conversation with me and find out if a Health coaching program is right for you. I am definitely looking forward to getting to know you and you will also be able to take some good ideas for yourself from this conversation.


I offer different ones live online group programs Arrive here - depending on the program - we come together in small and large groups and accompany each other, while each individual woman has her own Health coaching process passes.
Here you will find women who are on the same path as you.
The good thing is: together it's more fun, we're just stronger and a lot of things are easier for us.
If you want to know when the next one "Sisterhood group" starts and what the topics will be, then click on the button.

Do you fancy female power & support?

... and really change something on it? Because in these live & online programs we make profound changes together. Together we pursue our goals of being healthier, harmonizing our hormones and, for example, changing our diet for a certain period of time - with an impressive effect not only on our body, but also on our mood and our "overall wellbeeing".


In a beautiful nature reserve - a small valley, in the southwest of Mallorca - is our finca, nestled in lush greenery, surrounded by nature and vibrant life. If you come here, dive in and tank up. There is also a tailored, individual health coaching program: with healthy eating, yoga, meditation, walks, time to relax ... These days are just for you and also offer a perfect start for a profound and lasting change in your lifestyle.
Whether as yours "Wellness short vacation" with side effects or as a prelude to "Your Health Coaching Program", these days will work.

Does that sound good?

Then look at the photos, read through what the program contains, find out how long so Private retreat lasts and how cheap it is. And then I'm happy if you can clarify your further questions with me on the phone. This retreat is also free Health history conversation ahead, so that I can then design the program in depth for you optimally.


Get started now!

The first step is easy. And free of charge. Because my service is something very personal and it goes without saying that you have the opportunity in advance to get to know me and my way of working.

This happens in our "Health History Talk". This conversation can take place online (Skype call or WhatsApp) or in person. It takes approx. 40 - 50 minutes in which we can look at what is important for you. We will also delve into your โ€œhealth historyโ€ to understand the context. This conversation will likely get you a few "Aha moments" give away and you will be next Action steps can take away from it.

I look forward to getting to know you and supporting you in being healthier, more radiant and more fulfilling.

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