Our breath and our life force - an exercise for you

Our breath and our life force

Full breath - a simple breathing technique for more vitality

As you may have read, I am a passionate yogini. Because it was only since I started practicing yoga - with its various so-called “paths” - that a new world of experience opened up to me. I have experienced how I can bring about changes in my body and mind through conscious movement and conscious breathing. And I think that's something! I mean, make yourself aware of that: We can specifically act on our nervous system through breathing and posture. We can calm down and we can activate ourselves. Very targeted. All you need is the right breathing technique (pranayama) and the correct posture.

Full breath

This breathing technique, which I would like to show you here, now has a harmonizing and invigorating effect. And it is so simple and "inconspicuous" that you can really practice it anywhere. In the office, in the car (after or before you go, of course), on the train, on the plane, on a park bench, ... it doesn't matter. The main thing is that you take this moment from time to time, because it is so beneficial.

In everyday life and usually we breathe quite shallowly and much more often than we would in an optimal or relaxed state. The rhythm that keeps us alive like no other is also one that could hardly be like another, more unconscious and automatic. And that's just as well. It is all the more effective when you consciously switch to this powerful automatic system. No matter what you do, it will have an effect on you right away. Hold your breath just once for a few moments and you'll know what I'm talking about.
As a serious exercise, however, this is now of little use. Today I would like to invite you to discover your full, deep breath. And if you get involved, you will find that it is very beneficial to fully enjoy your breath.

In everyday life, you will certainly have noticed this from time to time: we breathe deeply every now and then (perhaps with a slight sigh?). You have probably already done this one or two times while reading these lines.

Our body knows how pleasant and relaxing it is to blow all the lungs out. The full breath not only promotes the supply of oxygen to your brain, but also has a regulating and harmonizing effect on our body and mind.


That's how it works:

  • Sit upright in your preferred seat. Whether in a chair, eating, on the floor, that's entirely up to you. 
  • Then close your eyes.
  • Bring your attention to your breath and notice how your breath naturally flows in and out. Notice how fresh air flows through your nose into your body, fills your lungs and flows easily out of your nose without your intervention. Stay breathing through your nose as you follow this rhythm with your perception, this rhythm that has kept you alive for many years. Every moment.
  • Enjoy this for a few minutes. Then observe how far your breath can flow into your body? Does it flow into your chest? Does it even flow into your stomach? Maybe even deeper? Don't affect your breath - just watch.
  • Determine where you feel your "breathing movement" in your body. Where does this movement take place that causes inhalation and exhalation in your body? Does your chest rise and fall when you breathe? Do you feel movement in your ribs?  Down to the belly?  Maybe in the back?
  • Now get "active". Mix in gently and respectfully in this rhythm of life. If you have observed how far your breath fills you, then start now to lengthen and deepen your breath. Breathe deeper. Breathe until your lungs fill, until your abdominal wall rises and you can feel the fresh air right up into your "back".
  • Then let your breath go again, let the oxygen flow out completely until your ribs sink again, your abdominal wall relaxes and your lungs have completely emptied.
  • Wait a moment to start again.
  • Breathe in as deeply and fully as you can. Fill yourself completely. Breathe into your stomach so that your abdominal wall rises again and the ribs also widen until the breastbone rises. Breathe the fresh, clear oxygen into your last cells.

Repeat these deep, full breaths for at least ten times. For a few minutes.

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