HERE WE GO Eat naturally. Move. Being woman.

Nice that you are for that Womens wellness program interested. If you decide now to take a few really valuable steps for yourself and your health - together with other women who have similar goals to yours - then you can start.

Here are the next steps:
1.) Sign up for Your health history session and we will arrange the next possible appointment. Then we will already know more precisely what is important to you and what will be important for you in the next few weeks.
2.) Write for that Group program and then you can take part in the next appointment.

So what are you waiting for? Let's get started I'm happy for you.

The Women's wellness program consists of several sessions that take place every two weeks. There is always enough time between our meetings so that the impulses can also be integrated and implemented in your life. So you can really make changes in your lifestyle.
For the online program you can use our Health history sessionJoin the closed group on Facebook where you will get to know the other girls - your companions. There are suggestions, exchange and inspiration for you here.

Our two-week group meetings
With the first Group session then it really starts. Here is the framework that each individual from the Group can share what's going on with her, what's good and where the challenges are currently. If it is urgent for one of us, there can be a short “individual coaching” from which we will certainly all benefit and there will be a specific topic on our women's wellness for each session that we will treat. You can find out which topics are on the program in the respective program description.

But you will find this structure everywhere:
In each session we treat a so-called PRIMARY FOOD and an SECONDARY FOOD THEME. That means on the one hand in relation to what nourishes us / or not so well in our life and on the other hand very specifically about what is on our "plate" and is good and important for our body. So every session becomes a "holistic input". Then each individual determined their next action steps, which they decided on during this hour. And see you again in two weeks. Share our successes and challenges, grow and develop together.


The next start of our six-week Women's Health Online Program is on April 11, 2020

Women's health workshop

My invitation to you Once a month there is my free Women's Health Workshop. Since it is my mission to spread awareness about a healthy, feminine lifestyle and to support women in living in harmony with their nature, I am looking forward to spending a lot of (current)Continue reading


There are two ways to invest in this womens wellness program:

Firstly, your time. Because in addition to the two-week sessions, you will also spend some time on integrating a few things into yours and doing them differently. Realizing the goals you set in the meeting takes some time. Calculate a total of around 2 hours per week. There may also be a yoga session. You will try new recipes and do things to change your lifestyle so that it leads to more balance and health. Which steps you will decide on, we will work out together. Which you then implement is entirely up to you. In any case, you will need some time to implement them, and it is important that you take them too so that you can achieve good results. Be certain that this time is well invested and will do you good and be fun.

Second, your financial contribution. The costs for the program can be found in the respective course description. All this is included in the cost:

  • Free health history session
  • The meetings
  • Participation in the moderated group
  • handouts
  • Recipes
  • online yoga classes if necessary


  • Date format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

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