Female body magic – oneday workshop retreat for women


A one day body mind & soul workshop  retreat for women

Our bodies are an amazing mystery – and the female body even more so. Besides giving us the ability to create life, it holds so much potential to lead a fulfilling life – in every area of it.

This is especially true if we embark on the magic journey of connecting to our cyclic nature. Women are so much more than linear beings that feel & function equally every day. We are a vital, creative force of nature and are meant to be cyclic.

Every month we experience a deeply transformative cycle. If we connect to that female magic, we thrive. If we do not, our potential is not realised, and it becomes hard to feel fulfilled in life.

Remember- you are not the same every day. You are changing like the moon is changing her form, light & energy.

Throughout this one day retreat you will dive deep into your female body magic.

You will connect to your inner body wisdom and you will better understand your cyclic nature – driven by your sex hormones – you will experience and enfold the spiritual meaning of it.

And you will feel how nurturing it is when we women join together in a circle of trust, love and awareness.



Welcome & get together with a hormone balancing superfood smoothie

Womb Wisdom Yoga Flow

Vegan Lunch Buffet


Women’s body magic Workshop

You will get to understand your body and her hormonal levels, and experience the different energetic phases that are linked to it. This workshop will feed your mind with understanding, open your perception through awareness and connect you to your deeper feelings through dance & movement.


Time to relax and release at the pool. Some beauty treatment will be shared in between each other and there is time to connect, exchange and dive deeper into meaningful conversation.


We enter the ending of the day with ovarian breathing female alchemy to understand the potential of our ovaries & womb energy.

And to close the day we will have a cocoa ceremony and come together another time in a circle for a heart opening and nurturing final.

Your Guides and teachers


Morgana is Moon Mother, Ovarian breathing therapist, womb yoga teacher and Janzu water massage practitioner. Nearly 20 years of experience in teaching and performing Belly Dance in different countries in Asia and Europe is the seed of her work with women. Dancing in circles was how she discover the magic that happens when women just gather together. As a therapist and masseuse she is specialized in women sexual health and fertility. Her passion is to create a magical blend of these tools to reconnect women with their bodies, power and joy to experience the bliss of being a woman.


Coco is Women’s & Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Moon Mother and Yoga teacher. The focus of her work is to bring hormone balance and love for the female nature (back) into the lives of women. She found one key is the female sex hormones that drive us daily and influence our energy, vitality and emotions. Her work is proof that when women connect to their female nature and direct lifestyle, movement, awareness and nutrition towards it, the lives of women become more healthy, vital and fulfilled. Or simply said: more magical.


For joining the FEMALE BODY MAGIC one day retreat

Where: Sweet OM Yoga Mallorca

When: 19.09.2021

Time: 10am -8pm

Price: 121.-€ 

Accomodation: if you feel that this is for you, and you would love to come from somewhere outside of Mallorca, I can create a special women’s health journey package for you so you can make this a short weekend trip. Just drop me a line if you wish to discuss options.


Join us on this magical journey.
We can’t wait to spend this day all together.

As the places are limited we ask you to reserve your spot in time.


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