Hormones in balance - a keto green lifestyle

Hormones in balance - a keto green lifestyle

Our hormones are among the BIG players when it comes to our well-being and health. If our hormones are in balance, there is a high probability that we will feel good, dynamic and in our strength. However, these (life) important messenger substances are unfortunately often disregarded when we talk to women about complaints that affect our quality of life. At least that's what happened to me.

Which is probably due to the fact that I unfortunately did not meet the type of gynecologist who devoted more time to this topic (I do not want to argue that they do not exist). Because research on hormonal balance disorders and the effects of these, which can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, obesity, depression, hair loss, constipation and migraines, is relatively new. The first doctors began researching it in the 80s.

The term came from this research "Estrogen dominance". A condition that is unfortunately diagnosed more and more nowadays and describes a form of hormonal imbalance that is widespread among us women (and men). The reasons for this, I'll come to that later - but these, too, are rather “modern”.

In search of the cause

Before that I want to tell you briefly why I am so interested in this topic. As you know, I'm neither a doctor nor a scientist, but I've been researching this field for a long time. My motivation was personal and simple. I wanted to get my pain under control. Because I had problems with my uterus since I was 24 years old. It started with the first fibroids and cysts, went on through a miscarriage and grew into severe endometriosis. It took a whopping 15 years until I finally came across the funnel that this could have something to do with my hormonal imbalance, unfortunately only after my uterus was removed. My then Gyn Prof dropped the magic word “Progesterone deficiency” and I listened carefully. Something was finally tangible. Before that I never got an answer to my question: "Why" my uterus does all these "things & produces". Now I had a blade of grass and I was holding onto it. And continued research. Why did I do this even though my uterus was no longer there?

Because I know that the cause of all these symptoms is still there and there will be more if I don't "heal the subject." So I didn't stop where I was prescribed a pill in order to supply progesterone in this way, but I understood that this will not help my body to “go back into production” itself. On the contrary. I also found information that the synthetic hormones can gradually lead to the production of the body's own hormones. And since our endocrine system is not only a complex system, but all hormones influence each other, it was clear: This cannot be the solution for me - not in the long term.

I am glad and grateful that medicine offers us these "quick fixes", I have used them often enough and it has helped me, but that should not detract from going further to the "root of the problem" " to search.

On the trail of hormones

So I kept looking. I finally found a lead that led me to an American gynecologist who specialized in balancing hormones through diet and lifestyle. From Dr. Ana Cabeca I learned that our diet influences our proteo and peptide hormone production. These are the hormones that are produced, for example, in our pancreas, in the adrenal glands, the thyroid, pituitary and hypothalamus.

For example, a sugary meal has a direct effect on our insulin production. And insulin is such a peptite hormone and, as I said, interacts with the other hormones. Now and then a little sugar is not a problem for our body, but an "overdose of sugar" every day, which can become a problem. This is called insulin resistance, and we already have a reason for our possible hormonal imbalance.

Another reason may be that, through our lifestyle, we have a direct effect on the steroid hormone cortisol (and others such as adrenaline), for example by being stressed often and a lot. This stress response is something natural and good. And is there so that we can survive when danger is imminent. When, for example, a lion is sitting in the bushes that wants to eat us. That our whole system then switches to alarm and provides us with as much energy as possible is - well, vital at this moment.

This mechanism is less effective when we have this life-threatening stress reaction in a meeting or argument. And ideally not even let us notice anything (- are allowed to). So our machine is on 180 and we are not "running". This energy and hormones have just been released to be used. To be used up again, for example by running fast. In our everyday situations, however, they mostly remain "unused" and that, as a frequent or permanent state, unfortunately also leads to an imbalance. 

But back to Dr. Ana. When I discovered her I was relieved. With her book (The hormone fix- available in English) I knew I was holding a path that I really wanted to try. Because she has researched for decades. Her motivation was also very personal, as she had fallen into severe depression after a tragedy and was looking for a way to get out of there naturally. She gained more and more experiences, healed her depression and worked with other researchers on her assumptions and results. Until they were finally ready with Dr. Ana's patients to try this diet & lifestyle. 

Your success was impressive. It actually helps women to "reset" their hormonal production, so to speak, and the consequences were, for example, that they only reduced a lot until they no longer had menopause symptoms. Endometriosis and fibroids were also cured, cysts went and never came back. The immune system became stronger, the women more energetic and younger. Most of these typical “women's ailments” she got under control in collaboration with her patients. And yes, the patients "have to work for it". This is not the solution: "I take a pill and the problems are gone." 

To the root of the problem

This is a possible way to the cause to heal it. A possible way to balance the hormones. To regulate the imbalance. The natural way. To get back into one Hormonal harmony (I offer an online program for this) to find.

This path means taking responsibility and learning what is good for our body. To "detox" him and "reset" the production. This means developing a lifestyle that is good for us. In every sense. To eat what is good for us. “Managing” our stress so that we can be more relaxed, consciously taking the time to rest and recharge.

The effect of this is a new attitude towards life. A whole new power. And the high chance that we can get rid of the symptoms that affect our quality of life.

Dr. calls this lifestyle Anna "Keto Green", Because as far as nutrition is concerned, the main focus is on foods that give us deacidify and alkaline are. That is one aspect. The other aims at one ketogenic diet Nutrition. Which means that fewer carbohydrates and more healthy fats and proteins are on the shopping list, together with the base-forming vegetables. The ketogenic diet aims, among other things, to reset our insulin production.

This changeover begins with a 10-day detox program and then continues for 21 days. So that the body has a total of one month to enjoy and clean up this positive state. 

I have been living with this diet for a few months now and many of my symptoms are gone, others have improved and others will probably still need some time. After all, I look back on almost two decades in which my hormones were out of harmony. But it doesn't matter. Because I feel better than I have in years and have no need to change anything. In the meantime I have found my new habits here, my favorite recipes and delicacies. And above all, I enjoy feeling it every day and also seeing how my body changes again.

And I'm not the only one who can. That's the great thing about it. When we are ready to make such a change in our diet and lifestyle. The vitality, the well-being and the clarity that this brings with it are so captivating that it results in momentum. This carries you on. Towards more health, vitality and radiance.

A few facts

Possible consequences of estrogen dominance:

  • Tensioning the chest
  • hot flashes
  • loss of libido
  • fibroids
  • Cancers
  • menstrual disorders
  • cysts
  • hair loss
  • Fat deposits on the hips, buttocks and abdomen

Triggers for hormone disorders:

  • Stress (also top sport)
  • Malnutrition (too little protein)
  • Drug & alcohol consumption
  • lack of movement
  • Plastics (with plasticizers such as bisphenol A)
  • Xeno hormones (in pesticides, fabric softeners, soaps, ..)
  • Meat (treated with hormones or with antibiotics)

Hormones in balance - this is how it works

I very much hope that this article will inspire and motivate you to make you strong for your health. Ask and find out. The cause! And solutions to fix them.

If you suspect a hormonal imbalance, you can "Test hormones" saliva test make and then have a certainty. With this you can work and start your healing process. There are good doctors and naturopaths who deal with hormones.

Of course you can also contact me very much. With me a first, free Health history conversation agree and together we will find out which steps would be good for you. I am happy to accompany you through the "jungle" on your way.

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